Going…. going…..gone.

The realization hit me last night.

I am going home tomorrow.

It feels too good to be true, and almost like I am preparing for another vacation.

But the empty walls and full suitcases prove otherwise.

Those of you who have experienced the last minute hectic-ness of moving with me… (My mom and Megan.) Know all too well how I procrastinate until the end. 🙂

You would be proud, because I have not done that this time.

I am ready to go… I really am. Perhaps the fact that I always knew this was temporary has made it so easy to leave. Another page has turned. It wasn’t a surprise.

And now I am done… heading home into the unknown, with faith and family as my strength.

Good-bye Japan. It was fun. I will miss you, and I hope to visit you again someday.

Another One

This past year my blogs have been filled with Japan.

Being excited to get here.

Being scared I came.

Being frustrated in general.

Being filled with hope at my imminent return home..

Today is Thursday July 13, which means that in approximately 12 days, I will return to Colorado. Of course I am happy to be going home. It will be great to spend time with people again without stressing out about doing some forbidden act that would earn me a horrible reputation, on the spot, FOREVER. (Like blowing my nose openly in the teachers room.) I am excited to have a normal dating relationship again.  And I am excited to live with my parents during, what is quite possibly, the last time I will live as a single individual for the rest of my life. I am happy to get away from the feeling of being restricted and restrained from doing things I love to do or going anywhere I want WHENEVER I want. ( I will probably make a Wal-mart run at mid-night, just because I can.) I am happy that I will, once again, be anonymous to everyone but my family and friends.

Nonetheless, and surprisingly so, I growing steadily more contemplative and sorrowful over the loss that will occur on my departure from this beautiful country. I have been thinking lately about periods of time in my life that I enjoyed or were special… that no matter what I do today, can never be repeated. In 12 days, Japan will become one of those memories. The students who made an effort to speak to me in English, the cozy – if tiny- apartment where I found sanctuary, the teachers I worked with… all will be lost to me once I get on that plane.

Sometimes knowing the end is coming is more cruel than if it came suddenly. I have been trying to appreciate things and moments SO much…. that I am overwhelmed when there are so many things and I feel like I could be doing something better to help preserve the memories.

I am sad to leave, and happy to return home. The hardest part is getting to that middle point where I am no longer leaving… but returning . After that, I just have to enjoy the ride.

Happy July 7th! Countdown…. 17 days!

Hello hello!!!

The week I spent with my mom was AMAZING! It was fun to have a roommate for a week… and cool to talk to someone in normal English on a daily basis again. It made me miss home even MORE and I can not WAIT to come back on July 25th. We had so much fun that I can’t even begin to write it all down… but it was cool. And too bad all of you had to miss out. 🙂

In other cool news, I gave my first oboe lesson yesterday!!! How great is that?!?!?! And it was fun! Even though I speak very little Japanese and she speaks very little English, it  went REALLY well!

YES for the weekend! My last elementary school visit is on Monday. Along with a health check that requires me to take a stool sample. Like an animal. How gross is that?