Going…. going…..gone.

The realization hit me last night.

I am going home tomorrow.

It feels too good to be true, and almost like I am preparing for another vacation.

But the empty walls and full suitcases prove otherwise.

Those of you who have experienced the last minute hectic-ness of moving with me… (My mom and Megan.) Know all too well how I procrastinate until the end. 🙂

You would be proud, because I have not done that this time.

I am ready to go… I really am. Perhaps the fact that I always knew this was temporary has made it so easy to leave. Another page has turned. It wasn’t a surprise.

And now I am done… heading home into the unknown, with faith and family as my strength.

Good-bye Japan. It was fun. I will miss you, and I hope to visit you again someday.

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