The Greene Adventure

Today is my three week anniversary.

The time has passed SO fast!

And every minute has been an adventure. I think the key phrase for my
life these past few weeks would be “It didn’t happen the way we

On our honeymoon, the trunk of my car broke and we had to break the
broken bit out. It would not close… and now it won’t stay open.
(Someone has to hold it up while the other person unloads. ***Remember
this for later)

I got a UTI on the honeymoon too, which was very painful and has, only yesterday, finally subsided.

Though we were very blessed to be in Glenwood Springs on our honeymoon
(the only part of the state that DIDN’T get snow dumped on them…. we
returned to Larkspur, to our new house, to find the drive way to our
secluded bungalow had not been sufficiently plowed, 2.5 hours later and
getting my car stuck once, Jared’s jeep stuck twice, and hauling our
belongings from the car (which we had to hold the trunk open while we
unloaded) at least 30 yards in knee high snow…. we went to Red Robin
for dinner. We were blessed with help to get our cars unstuck, and help
getting our things to the house. Which was nice.

The next day we left for Albuquerque… Jared’s jeep was still stuck.

ABQ was GREAT!! I had fun sharing someone else’s traditions. ๐Ÿ™‚ Except, Jared started complaining ofย  ear pain.

We returned home in the worst driving conditions… it took 1 hour to
get from the bottom of Monument Hill to the top. Stupid Semi trucks
that didn’t put chains on.

The next morning, we found out that our supposedly half full propane tank, was 0% full. No heat. No hot water. No stove.

We had our microwave and a couple of space heaters that we got from Ian
(the guy we are renting from). And we took showers at the campground.

We got lucky that Jared’s ear started to get better, and before his
insurance ran out…. it got worse. We went to the ER on Saturday the
30th at 11:45 pm. He had an ear infection. They gave him meds, a
prescription, and cleaned his ears out. Later that evening, at home,
his eardrum burst… and we woke up to blood on our new white pillow

New Year’s Eve was really chill. Jared and I started a new tradition of
making s’mores. The candle we used didn’t work, so we ended up
microwaving them. IT was fun!

New Years Day was fun too! Just before we left for the store… Jared says ” I think the horses are out”
“What makes you say that?” I say.

“Because they are standing outside our window,” he said.

So we had to wrangle two horses back into their stall. We did it pretty well too! Jared and I make a good team. ๐Ÿ™‚

We went to the store after the horses… and got our two new additions
to our family. Little Sugar and Spicey, our two female Chinese Dwarf
Hamsters. They weren’t the kind I wanted, but I am glad we got them.
They are so different, and you can tell they each have a unique
personality. ๐Ÿ™‚

January 2nd at 8pm… we FINALLY got propane! (5 days after we ran
out.) Jared’s ear is doing much better. We both started working
again… and I got to tell you, it is pretty cool playing house “for
real”. I love coming home to someone at night. Jared has been really
wonderful. I couldn’t have chosen a better match for myself.

The Adventure Continues…