New Year… New Blog… New Goals

So, I guess Xanga died.

“They” are letting people upload their old Xanga posts into WordPress… which is nice! (I’m so glad the record of my life in Japan wasn’t deleted!!)  I also love the archive access feature that Xanga did not have! 

But I feel I need to clarify…

After going through and reading some of my posts from 9 years ago (almost 10), you (the reader) need to know that I have changed CONSIDERABLY since my college days.(Heck, I’ve changed a TON since my last post!!! Which was before I even got pregnant!) Hopefully that change is evident.

As far as the new title of the blog… well, it pretty much sums up the way I am trying to live life at the moment. These precious days with our new baby girl are passing too quickly. And living intentionally- by living in today- is my best plan of attack for warding off regret later in life. Though, I am already very aware… no matter how hard I try to soak up as much life as possible NOW, I will still miss things from these days.

So, a New Year is just around the corner… I am hoping to meet a few goals in the upcoming year, one of which is blogging a little (well, a LOT) more regularly. It is a wonderful place (blog land), and I miss it. 🙂

The rest of my goals I hope to write about as I am either successful (which is preferred), or not…