Here I am on the eve of the day where dieters rebel, eat as much as they want and then feel guilty until Christmas. But it’s so much more than a day to eat tons of food… it is a day to be thankful of all the blessings we are given… big and small. I intend to do my part by acknowledging those things for which I am thankful…

I, Aris Haines, am officially thankful for the following as of 5:31 pm ( mountain time) on this Eve of Thanksgiving, November 24, 2004:

My cat, Precious… who stuck with me through thick and thicker, when I disowned her for a stupid guy, and who loves me in spite of the fact that she’s seen me at my worst.

Tweezers, for without which I would have an unsightly unibrow, and true- a lot less pain and agony in my life. But who wants a unibrow?

My roommate, Megan… who laughs at me. Well, with me too… but mostly just at me. And who is there when I need a shoulder to cry on, or chocolate to help me eat my sorrow away. She has been there to help me through more times than I can count, and I don’t know what i would do without her.

My family. Cause they just ROCK MY FACE OFF!

Comic Strips ( see yesterday’s blog), because they provide a ray of sunshine in a sometimes very bleak world.

The fact that i’m done with my JET program application!!!!! ( this is the application I have filled out so that I can go to Japan for a year and teach English to japanese kids, while living in Japan…. awesome huh?)

And lastly, but not least… I am EVER SO GREATEFUL that I am graduating May 7, 2005 from college, and I will never again have any papers or exams EVER EVER EVER again!!!!!! Well, at least while I’m in my right sound mind.

ok, that is all. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Try not to miss me, I’m leaving for 3 days to go skiing tomorrow. I’ll be back Saturday night….

Cleaning in College

Cleaning Log: Star Date 00595-874-2

I’m still watching the Santa Clause. SUCH a GREAT movie.
I’ve only made a dent in the large pile of mess that is my room.

Decided about 30 minutes into the movie and cleaning, that my eyebrows required MAJOR trimming adjustments. (When did it become socially acceptable to rip small pieces of hair from one’s body? WHO decided this was OK?! It HURTS!)

Eyebrows successfully mowed… moved back to cleaning.
Put first load of laundry into washer.

Made a glass of Nesquick chocolate milk to help ease the pain of throbbing eyebrows.

Decided that there are little men hiding under my bed who keep adding clothing and mess to my room whenever I leave. Only explanation possible for why this is taking so long.

Must…. finish…..soon. My very sanity depends on this!