A funny story…

Yesterday I arrived home from work to a quiet and warm house. I popped a bagel into the toaster, and when it was finished, sat down on the couch to enjoy my snack.

But the sun was shining in through the window.

So I got up to close the blinds.

As I am looking out over the land (that I pretend is ours… but really isn’t.) I suddenly find myself staring at Bubba…the boy yak.

He is about 4 feet from the window… sitting in the sun…. on our front porch.

This caught me WAY off guard, since as far as I knew he was supposed to be confined in the generous pen… with a gate… and a lock… to keep him INSIDE.

SO… I go and get the big stick. (Used for keeping Bubba in line) And I fearlessly approach the buffalo sized mammal. (I was surprised to see his female counterpart Tessa Babe standing a few feet from him.)

Bubba and I have had our moments. He can be a tender beast… who likes his ears scratched. And other times he can be a royal pain in the patootey.(And ornery as all get out.)

Today was a gentle moment. When vocalizing that I wanted him to move didn’t work, and shaking the stick at him didn’t work, I went to get hay.

That worked. 🙂

They both followed me around the side of the house… with a small fight-intermission…(Tessa tried to hit Bubba in the behind) and then finally to their large gated pen.

The world can sleep soundly tonight.


I can handle Bubba!