Dear Diary…

It is finished…

Well, the huge part anyway. Yesterday I actually got most of my belongings down to 4.5 storage bins and my hope chest. And that’s after we took yet another car full load to Goodwill. All that’s left to do now is go through my stuff for papers and scrapbook items, and then I will be scrapbooking in our basement till the second coming. Just kidding… I  really do have a lot of stuff to put in books though.

So it’s been kind of a chill morning. I just woke up about 30 minutes ago. I think I might go eat some blueberry oatmeal. mmmmm… SO GOOD. Then it’s just a matter of moving a few things to the basement, and then I begin the process of getting ready for a really great date tonight. Jared is taking me to a steakhouse for dinner, and then we are hitting up a movie. I think it’ll be great. SO EXCITED. He’s so great. Last week he took me mini golfing. That was pretty fun. I love that we are going out and doing stuff. I mean we usually do stuff, but they don’t really feel like dates… it feel like we’re two friends hanging out. Which I suppose is a good thing. But he’s really made an effort these past few weeks. ( Maybe because in 3 weeks, he won’t get the chance to for a while.) All I know for sure, is that it’s great.

On other news… JET countdown… 23 days. SCARY.

My parents were supposed to go to the Solomon Islands for vacation this past Sunday. They got as far as LA, because of a freak lightning storm in Denver they were 3 hours late getting there. So they missed their connecting flights, one of which took them from Fiji to Solomon Islands. All of the remaining flights from Fiji are booked for three weeks, which is why they are now leaving on the 17 of July and coming back sometime after my departure. That means I only have 17 days left with them. Which is also crazy.

I think that about does it. Pretty much anyway.:)



It’s an interesting thing… to know that you are going away for a long time and then to finally realize it. There have been certain moments of enlightenment in which I have fully understood the gravity of what it is I have brought upon myself. It is no different from any other move I have done before, with one exception… I know I’m coming back. Well, God willing I am coming back. But the length of this next move is no different from the 8 or 9 before it (I’ve forgotten the exact count), possibly 3 years. This could change, I may only be gone for a year, which would seem really short compared to the longest place I’ve ever lived anywhere (Denver, Colorado -almost 4 years). But a lot can happen in a month, and so much more can happen in a year. (Let alone THREE) What gets me the most is that the way things are right now… the friendships, the buildings, the people, even the very house where my parents live, could all change before I get back. It is quite possible I will come home to a completely different world than when I left. I should expect as much. Life stands still for no one. I think the part that gets me the most, is that things might change for the worse.. no, not worse… just different than they are now. I’m no stranger to lost friendships due to miles that separate them. However, I am also no stranger to friendships growing and maturing, standing the test of time and distance. These are few and far between, and, surprising in each circumstance.


For those of you who read my posts regularly… I apologize for the stagnant thought process. Japan is heavily in everything I do these days. Please bear (yes this IS the correct spelling for “bear”. Did you know that in the Webster’s Dictionary, the first 7 definitions of  the word “bear” are verbs? Only the 8th give the definition of ” a shaggy mammal”) with me.


Anyway, lots to do still. I’m taking the night off to hang out with Jared and my parents. Should be great.


To Do List

I can’t believe that I will be leaving for Japan in 5 weeks. It almost doesn’t seem real. And there are so many things to accomplish before then.

#1 I must move out of Denver giving away most of my earthy belongings. (Check.. except that I gave away two cars-full of junk, a dresser, a desk, and a queen sized water bed and still had to squish the rest of my stuff in my mom’s Rav 4, my dad’s Santa Fe and yes, the little suzuki.)

#2 I must now go through everything I’ve already been through AGAIN to get rid of EVEN more of my stuff.

#3 I must house-sit for my parents  while they go scuba diving in the Solomon Islands for 10 days. YES this includes the fourth of July, and yes I am going to have a wild and crazy party whilst my parents are away…yeah right.

#4 I am hoping to go to Texas for apprx. 4-5 days to see all my camp friends and to see my sister one last time before I leave. Plus, I just can’t stay away from the heat and humidity.

#5 I have to plan a “going away for a very long time” party for myself so that all people will know I am actually leaving.

#6 I have to squeeze every last minute I possibly can with a few choice friends and my family, making sure I equal out the time spent and never spending more time with one than another.

#7 I must pack all of the crap I have sorted through 3 times, in either the one suitcase I will get to have with me or the few boxes I will be able to ship to myself.

Among that, I have to apply for some tax waiver, get my teeth cleaned, eyes checked, contacts ordered, prescription forms sent-verified- and returned, and some sort of question answer thingy on June 25th. But no stress… YEAH RIGHT.

Did I mention that I really am excited to go? I really am. Did I also mention how much I’m going to miss everyone? Cause I will.

Dreams await me… goodnight.


I don’t know if I can ever have kids… I don’t even know if I can ever have a husband. Jared is sick, and over the past 12 hours I have learned what it will be like to be a mom. If I hadn’t interviened, Jared would still be at home sleeping… probably totally dehydrated and starving with the worst headache and fever ever.

I was so worried about him, I stayed therelast night. He’d wake up every 2-3 hours moaning about his head hurting so badly. One thing I have to say about guys when they are sick… they are so pathetic. 🙂 At first this was cute… but when I had to pack an overnight bag and put his shoes on him… and practically force him into my car… well. Let’s just say, I’m tired. Getting him to take medicine or drink fluids and eat anything is also a pain. But thank goodness… his severe headache is gone. I may go nap. I’m tired.