Another ending…

I know the name of my blog is ‘Delighting in Each Moment’.

And here’s the truth, sometimes that’s REALLY hard to do.

Like… nearly impossible.


Like when you find out a friend from college died yesterday, due to injuries sustained in a car accident.

A person who couldn’t make an enemy, even if he tried. (Not that he would.)

And if you read my last post, it doesn’t even matter that I hadn’t spoken to him in the last 9 years. (But gosh… I WISH it hadn’t been so long.)

This guy was gifted. He could sing, act, play the piano and trombone… and he did it all VERY well! He was HILARIOUS. We went to movies and watched CSI together, we’d talk and walk… and do awful impersonations… and laugh!

His laugh sounded EXACTLY like Crispin Glover as George McFly in the first Back to the Future movie. (I will always think of him when I hear that laugh. Always.)

He told stories of deer that could kill you with their hooves, and then ACT IT OUT! (Just thinking about that dinner conversation and how hard we all laughed… makes my lips smile and my eyes tear up simultaneously.)

He was part of a group of us who desperately wanted to see the movie ‘Chicago’, while our Wind Ensemble was in Chicago for the 2003 Band Tour. And we did. And it was AWESOME. 🙂

As each memory resurfaces, another one gets triggered. Some are big, and some are simple. But each one is woven into my college experience. I’m grieving today, with so many people who loved Matt too. He was and IS loved.

I miss him.

I am sad that a chance to reconnect isn’t possible, this side of Heaven.

But the peace and hope I have from knowing that I WILL see him again… is wonderful.

And THAT, is how I am delighting in THIS moment.