Heck YES

Three weeks from this moment I will be preparing to walk down the aisle.


The job with the Kindergarten is going SO AMAZINGLY WELL.

God knew what He was doing.

I also purchased a car last week.

2000 Subaru Outback. It’s pretty sweet.

Definitely a family car.

Doing more wedding stuff today.


Yesterday was a wonderful day!!

I got to hang out with my ex-roomie-still-fantabulous-friend Megan! We got to have a girls day (SO FUN!) shopping at the dollar store, seeing Flushed Away (a great animated film of which not many children attended on a school day at 10:55 am… a time I highly recommend for seeing any children’s movie.) Then we went to Pizza Hut (oh sweet carbs!) and then home.

During this fun time, I got a call from the Principle at the Elementary school I interviewed at on Monday.

Guess what??

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I was happy to be happy with another person!

After girl day, I went to Castle Rock to do Pre-marital counseling with my man. Which was another GOOD time! We talked through the ceremony and schedule…and it made me realize I am getting married in 38 days! almost one month! CRAZY!

SO… things are going well! God is good and faithful and I now have a job, my car is on the way… and I am marrying the most amazing man EVER.