Kansas Adventure

WOW! I just had the most amazing weekend… actually the most amazing Friday EVER. Jared and I drove with Hannah and Emily to Kansas Thursday night. Friday morning began out day of adventure. We had the best Prime Rib EVER for lunch… oh my gosh…. it was great. The lunch was GOOD, but the company was better. Hannah’s parents are hilarious, and her grand parents came over for lunch too. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my entire life. After lunch, we went four-wheeling and hiking for like 3 hours…. Kansas is NOT flat and boring. It’s quite beautiful actually. THEN we got to bottle feed a baby calf, which was pretty much then grossest and coolest thing ever. We all got showered after that and went into town, had dinner… laughed and talked REALLY loud, and then went bowling at this cute 8 lane bowling ally. Hannah will vouch that lane 8 is possesed by satan and only 9 pins will fall at any given time.

Anyway, so it was great. Hannah, I think you are wonderful! i had such a great time!!!

For all of my Japan Team 04, I found this!! I was hoping to be banana Pocky, but it didn’t work out. Does milk Pocky even exist?

You Are Milk Pocky

Your attitude: caring and charming
Smooth and silky… invigorating and natural.
You are like comfort food for the soul.

Meeting the parents

Well… the orchestra concert went rather well tonight. I believe it is the best sounding concert that the orchestra has performed EVER. The strings sounded AMAZING. And my solos went well… not perfect, it’s never perfect… but I didn’t mess up. Just left a few notes out… no big deal.

I got to meet Jared’s parents tonight. They are so awesome. I love parents. They were exactly how Jared described them… they remind me a little of my parents. My dad is a little quieter and my mom is more talkative and outgoing. It would be cool to get all 4 of them in a room together. His parents are older… but WAY awesome.

Well, I’m tired. Lots to do tomorrow.

I have a pretty amazing boyfriend. I’m pretty lucky. WOW.

Life Updates… going to Japan!

Wow.. I am a Xanga slacker!

As per my mom’s request… and due to the fact that I now have time in which I am not sleeping, studying, writing papers, or spending time with one of the most amazing guys EVER… I am now writing.

The past two weeks have happened very quickly and at the same time… it seems like they’ve lasted forever. Just the ‘Readers Digest’ version of recent events …

School has been crazy. I think I’ve been assigned more group projects, for my two communication classes, than ever before! It makes me tired to think of all the stuff I have to do in order to get my diploma before school gets out. Including CLEPing two classes. BLAH.

On a more positive note.. I’M GOING TO JAPAN! I found out last Saturday that I have been accepted and will be spending the next year (at least) in Japan. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

This past Wednesday I turned 22 years old… wow. I know it’s not that huge of a deal.. but it’s still getting older. My roommate Megan is the best EVER planning a surprise party for me at Old Chicago. Yeah that was pretty awesome. I got Oreo cookie pants, a cool Spiderman doll that says ” I shoot web” and “Even superheroes need hugs”, cookies and some more cool stuff from Megan.

But the best part of my week? Well, that happened this morning at 2:00 AM. I am now dating an AMAZING man of God, and I’m not ashamed to say… I’ve been pretty giddy all day. Some of you might be asking… “How the HECK is that gonna work with you going to Japan?” Well, the truth of the matter is, I don’t know. All I know is that Jared and I are going to take it a day at a time, and see where it goes. God is so awesome, and I feel totally at peace about this. Which hasn’t been the case in past relationships.

A cool story: So yesterday was my cat, Precious’, birthday. ( She turned 12.) Jared bought my cat presents! He actually admitted to spending more money on my cat’s present than mine. He bought her some tuna flavored cat food, a can of tuna and a green mouse play-toy thing. Jared’s last name is Greene, so it fits. I just thought that was great. Who DOES that kind of thing? hahaha… My boyfriend does, and I think it’s awesome.

In any case, I’m pretty tired. Gonna go chill with a movie.