It’s an interesting thing… to know that you are going away for a long time and then to finally realize it. There have been certain moments of enlightenment in which I have fully understood the gravity of what it is I have brought upon myself. It is no different from any other move I have done before, with one exception… I know I’m coming back. Well, God willing I am coming back. But the length of this next move is no different from the 8 or 9 before it (I’ve forgotten the exact count), possibly 3 years. This could change, I may only be gone for a year, which would seem really short compared to the longest place I’ve ever lived anywhere (Denver, Colorado -almost 4 years). But a lot can happen in a month, and so much more can happen in a year. (Let alone THREE) What gets me the most is that the way things are right now… the friendships, the buildings, the people, even the very house where my parents live, could all change before I get back. It is quite possible I will come home to a completely different world than when I left. I should expect as much. Life stands still for no one. I think the part that gets me the most, is that things might change for the worse.. no, not worse… just different than they are now. I’m no stranger to lost friendships due to miles that separate them. However, I am also no stranger to friendships growing and maturing, standing the test of time and distance. These are few and far between, and, surprising in each circumstance.


For those of you who read my posts regularly… I apologize for the stagnant thought process. Japan is heavily in everything I do these days. Please bear (yes this IS the correct spelling for “bear”. Did you know that in the Webster’s Dictionary, the first 7 definitions of  the word “bear” are verbs? Only the 8th give the definition of ” a shaggy mammal”) with me.


Anyway, lots to do still. I’m taking the night off to hang out with Jared and my parents. Should be great.


3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Aris!!!  🙂  Hello friend.  Thanks for your comment.  I can’t hang out tomorrow night, but I might be at Dazzle on Wednesday.  Will you be there?  If so, it’d be wonderful to see you!  I’m leaving on Thursday to go to New York, so I’m honestly not sure whether or not I’ll be at Dazzle on Wednesday.  I’d like to…it just depends on how much I get done beforehand.  I’m rambling.  Point is…I still really want to get together with you before you move billions of miles away to start a new adventure!!!  🙂 


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