Dear Diary…

It is finished…

Well, the huge part anyway. Yesterday I actually got most of my belongings down to 4.5 storage bins and my hope chest. And that’s after we took yet another car full load to Goodwill. All that’s left to do now is go through my stuff for papers and scrapbook items, and then I will be scrapbooking in our basement till the second coming. Just kidding… I  really do have a lot of stuff to put in books though.

So it’s been kind of a chill morning. I just woke up about 30 minutes ago. I think I might go eat some blueberry oatmeal. mmmmm… SO GOOD. Then it’s just a matter of moving a few things to the basement, and then I begin the process of getting ready for a really great date tonight. Jared is taking me to a steakhouse for dinner, and then we are hitting up a movie. I think it’ll be great. SO EXCITED. He’s so great. Last week he took me mini golfing. That was pretty fun. I love that we are going out and doing stuff. I mean we usually do stuff, but they don’t really feel like dates… it feel like we’re two friends hanging out. Which I suppose is a good thing. But he’s really made an effort these past few weeks. ( Maybe because in 3 weeks, he won’t get the chance to for a while.) All I know for sure, is that it’s great.

On other news… JET countdown… 23 days. SCARY.

My parents were supposed to go to the Solomon Islands for vacation this past Sunday. They got as far as LA, because of a freak lightning storm in Denver they were 3 hours late getting there. So they missed their connecting flights, one of which took them from Fiji to Solomon Islands. All of the remaining flights from Fiji are booked for three weeks, which is why they are now leaving on the 17 of July and coming back sometime after my departure. That means I only have 17 days left with them. Which is also crazy.

I think that about does it. Pretty much anyway.:)

3 thoughts on “Dear Diary…

  1. lunch when?  geh. i’m so confused. my brain is totally fried from my 5-hours-of-sleep nights for the past several nights.  fill me in. 
    as per your party on the 18th… i may be able to come for a small bit of time at the beginning.  i’m flying in from california that afternoon and then going to a concert that night.  geh…so busy.  but either way, we’ll hang out. i’ll miss you insanely when i’m gone.
    and about the cows…yes. jared should come home with me in the first week in august.  cheyenne county fair, baby.  50 cent carnival rides.


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