Here I am on the eve of the day where dieters rebel, eat as much as they want and then feel guilty until Christmas. But it’s so much more than a day to eat tons of food… it is a day to be thankful of all the blessings we are given… big and small. I intend to do my part by acknowledging those things for which I am thankful…

I, Aris Haines, am officially thankful for the following as of 5:31 pm ( mountain time) on this Eve of Thanksgiving, November 24, 2004:

My cat, Precious… who stuck with me through thick and thicker, when I disowned her for a stupid guy, and who loves me in spite of the fact that she’s seen me at my worst.

Tweezers, for without which I would have an unsightly unibrow, and true- a lot less pain and agony in my life. But who wants a unibrow?

My roommate, Megan… who laughs at me. Well, with me too… but mostly just at me. And who is there when I need a shoulder to cry on, or chocolate to help me eat my sorrow away. She has been there to help me through more times than I can count, and I don’t know what i would do without her.

My family. Cause they just ROCK MY FACE OFF!

Comic Strips ( see yesterday’s blog), because they provide a ray of sunshine in a sometimes very bleak world.

The fact that i’m done with my JET program application!!!!! ( this is the application I have filled out so that I can go to Japan for a year and teach English to japanese kids, while living in Japan…. awesome huh?)

And lastly, but not least… I am EVER SO GREATEFUL that I am graduating May 7, 2005 from college, and I will never again have any papers or exams EVER EVER EVER again!!!!!! Well, at least while I’m in my right sound mind.

ok, that is all. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Try not to miss me, I’m leaving for 3 days to go skiing tomorrow. I’ll be back Saturday night….

1 thought on “Thankful

  1. It’s uplifting to realize that there is never a shortage of things to be thankful for.  Specifically, pets and family do indeed rock the occasional face off.
    I hope your ski trip was fun and safe!  Happy belated Thanksgiving!


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