#30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 30… Final

What is next?

How amazingly satisfying it is to finish something fully to completion!! And while writing is something I really enjoy and even look forward to doing each day…. (well, most days) finishing this challenge strong has given me even more motivation to try something a bit harder for next month…


Every day.

For 31 days.

(Of course….)

I’m having pretty good success in a few other areas of my life… but exercise hasn’t been one of them.

So, for the next 31 days… I will challenge myself to exercise for at LEAST 30 minutes per day. Any kind of exercise. I will not put any other restrictions or requirements on it other than that. There are many ways I could make this challenge a LOT more difficult, but I want to make it easy to do something that I’m already really not going to want to do.