30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 23

Write about something exciting that happened today.

This morning, at 6:15 am, my husband (who is NOT a light sleeper) jumped out of bed yelling at our cat to leave something alone.

I asked him what was going on, and he said he thought he saw something little scurry across the floor.

We’ve had mice before… the cats always find them and ‘take care of things’ before we can catch and release them. But it is very unusual for mice to make it all the way back into our bedroom.

Suddenly, I jumped out of bed… realizing what he probably saw… and walked to our elder daughter’s room, turned on the lamp and peered into an empty hamster bin cage. There was a new hole in the lid that covers the bin… where we didn’t think she could reach.

She woke up as soon as she heard me open the door… and when I told her what I thought had happened… she started panicking. I reassured her we would find the hamster, and she needed to stay in her room to look for the hamster there.

I went back to the master bedroom and searched with my husband. I reminded him we needed to check under every piece of furniture, in every corner. (I’d had my childhood hamster break out a few times, and knew the drill.) He checked the closet, but didn’t move anything. When I checked again… there the little rodent was…. peering at me like, “What? Is there a problem?”

I scooped her up and returned her to her cage, to my daughter’s relief. And then I went back to bed… because 6:15am is waaaay too early for such surges of adrenaline and worry.

The hamster is safe and sound.

(And I get to keep my jailbreak-hamster-recovery-rate at 100%.)