Kansas Adventure

WOW! I just had the most amazing weekend… actually the most amazing Friday EVER. Jared and I drove with Hannah and Emily to Kansas Thursday night. Friday morning began out day of adventure. We had the best Prime Rib EVER for lunch… oh my gosh…. it was great. The lunch was GOOD, but the company was better. Hannah’s parents are hilarious, and her grand parents came over for lunch too. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my entire life. After lunch, we went four-wheeling and hiking for like 3 hours…. Kansas is NOT flat and boring. It’s quite beautiful actually. THEN we got to bottle feed a baby calf, which was pretty much then grossest and coolest thing ever. We all got showered after that and went into town, had dinner… laughed and talked REALLY loud, and then went bowling at this cute 8 lane bowling ally. Hannah will vouch that lane 8 is possesed by satan and only 9 pins will fall at any given time.

Anyway, so it was great. Hannah, I think you are wonderful! i had such a great time!!!

For all of my Japan Team 04, I found this!! I was hoping to be banana Pocky, but it didn’t work out. Does milk Pocky even exist?

You Are Milk Pocky

Your attitude: caring and charming
Smooth and silky… invigorating and natural.
You are like comfort food for the soul.

4 thoughts on “Kansas Adventure

  1. yay! i just got back. i’m glad that you had fun.  i had tons of fun too.  thanks for coming and braving the weirdness to experience the greatness.  Yes..lane 8 is possessed and i hate it…but after you left i got a spare and a strike…i think it just needed to be warmed up. 
    and um…i got banana pocky…i don’t like banana pocky though.


  2. Hey!  Haven’t said anything in awhile, so I just wanted to say hi.  Glad to see you’re still enjoying life =).
    I’ve never heard of milk pocky before…but I guess it must exist.  That thing is pretty cool…I have a handful of friends going to Japan this summer – I’m sure they’ll love this thing. 


  3. hey, i am milk pocky too. and it has existed but maybe not recently. some of the unusual flavors come and go. hey, are you gonna request to be assigned to Hyogo ken? Everybody here wants you to come back! you are so cool! hey, who is this jared guy anyway? is he worthy of my approval!? Momma Trim needs to check this guy out! does he xanga?


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