“On This Day…”

I don’t have the “Time Hop” app, but Facebook has the “On This Day” app and I have been constantly caught off guard/amazed by these reminders.

Large amounts of snow seem to fall around the same weeks each year.

People who have passed away are suddenly pictured…

Reminders of illness (which, also seem to happen around the same day/week each year), fatigue, triumph, and joy flicker onto my screen.

Patterns and cycles emerge… and it is uncanny!

The Broncos went to the Super Bowl for each of my daughters’ 1st Super Bowls! (Feb 2014 and Feb 2016) (This time, winning! 🙂 )

My older daughter caught her 1st cold EVER on Super Bowl Sunday 2014, had a cold LAST year during this week, AND has a cold THIS year during the Super Bowl!!

Last week we got about 17 inches of snow in my part of Colorado, and there were multiple years (going back to 2007), of crazy snow and wind chills.

And I’m kinda grateful that such an app exists.

I have journaled since I was in 3rd grade, but more diligently starting in 6th grade… but I don’t often take time to regularly read through my journals and compare dates.

The little moments I’ve posted about with my husband, daughters, and friends… bring such joy!

And the sad memories of loss, trial, and frustration… such pain.

I just thought I would share how my life feels a little richer remembering these.

It’s the small things.


Happy Monday!


Washington State, Pacific Ocean                 Copyright Aris Greene (2011)







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