Tuesday Happenings

SO many things are happening today!!!

  1. Little Sister’s 1st Birthday!!! (And now I *get* why my mom calls me at the TIME of my birth… because I don’t feel like it is REALLY her birthday until 7:57pm… I am soaking in these last few hours before she is a legitimate 1 year old!)
  2. The Broncos’ Celebration Parade !! 😀 That the girls and I are going to fully appreciate from the comfort and quiet of our living room. After all, even the moon landing couldn’t be 1st-hand-experienced by EVERYONE. 😉
  3. My official last nursing session EVER (to be completed tonight). I timed it so I could bookend this year of Little Sister’s life with this experience. And I am experiencing mid-life/menopause emotions about this, because she is our last baby. This is the last time I will be using my body in this way. EVER. There is great sadness and great relief at the same time. (TMI alert: I hate sleeping in a bra, and I HAVE to wear one in seasons of nursing, or suffer the leaky consequences….) But tonight, it will be mostly sadness at the inevitable close of this incredibly special chapter… while I remember those first sweet moments of her life, one year ago.

Time passes quickly… take time to really focus and remember something about today.

I would love to hear what you thought!

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