Golden Week

Today is my one, and only, day at the junior high school. Tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all apart of a wonderful time called “Golden Week.”

This is due to a group of Japanese officials who got together one year and decided they needed another long holiday sometime in spring. This holiday also represents the “oneness” of Japan, since EVERY SINGLE Japanese person will travel during this week. ( And a large part of the reason why I am choosing NOT too.)

Japanese people keep asking me where I will go and what I will do. Having spent my vacation time in America, up till now, I have decided to not allow myself to make any plans. Instead, I plan to spoil myself by spending the afternoons outside in the sun, sleeping in, and whatever else I feel like.

Try explaining that in Japanese.

In anycase, for the next 6 days I will be MIA. No school = no computer and no internet.

Japan is really beautiful right now… 85 days until I have to leave. 😦

Golden Week…. Bring it on.

3 thoughts on “Golden Week

  1. Aris-Happy Golden Week! I’m sorry I’ve been so bad about being in touch. I missed seeing you while you were here in Colorado. 85 more days! Wahoo!! I miss you! Enjoy your time of nothing – I’m jealous! 4 more weeks until I’m off! YESSS!!! Until then… crunch time. Ick! 🙂 Talk to you soon!Meg


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