It is weird to be sitting thousands of miles away from the chaos I used to know. I remember how it feels… to have an infinite amount of work to do with finite time. Yes, I remember. Those days of Mt. Dew filled veins, sleepless nights, weak days, and wanting nothing more than to be DONE.

This year, I am not consumed with senior thesis, final exams or the frustration of moving out of an apartment.

I have to say….life after college,  is exactly that… life.

And yet… here I am. Feeling gross again for the 3rd time in less than two months. I blame it on the stupid sand being blown from China.

Now I am sick. I have 5 days to sit and do nothing next week… HECK YES. And this body better be feeling better by then!!!

P.S. I found “IT” . The perfect one! Now, all I have to do is wait, the way I did before… except now I know it’s coming!

2 thoughts on “life…

  1. Hey I got your message this morning. i wanted to call but my stupid international plan on my cell phone wasn’t going to let me make the call…and I picked up a shift at another store this morning as well. I will try to call again tomorrow and hope that it works this time. I’ll call between 6-8 my time in the morning tomorrow (meaning Saturday for me). If you don’t hear from me by say, 7:30 you might just want to call me because I probably won’t be able to get through again.
    Stupid sprint.


  2. Hey! It’s not our fault – all the nuclear waste from Russia came over and spoiled our air. Blame Russia for this! We do wash our hands after we use the bathroom…just not with soap. According to Chinese thinking a plain water rinse is sufficient. hmmmm…


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