Back to life…

Golden week is done and done. It was a pretty incredible 5 day vacation. The three days that were weekdays were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It felt like spring… FINALLY. (Warmer weather has finally hit… yesterday I was HOT and SWEATY just from walking to my elementary school that is 10 minutes away. ) The weekend days were drab though. It was overcast on Saturday and rained ALL DAY on Sunday. I didn’t mind so much though. It was refreshing.

If any of you have the Silly Songs DVD (The classic one with Hairbrush and Cheeseburger) There is a DVD “Easter Egg” in the chapter selections (the last chapters 13-16 or something like that) with the Hairbrush song in JAPANESE!!! I played it for my class today… they loved it.

Internationalization of talking vegetables… YES!

May just started, and it is almost over. When school schedules are different, the time passes quicker. This week there are no afternoon classes. Next week is Trial Week, which is a week of community service for 2nd years. So they will be gone all week. And the 3rd years are going to Tokyo for their 3rd year trip. (I think Disneyland: Japan is the destination) All of that means I only have two classes on Friday. Yeah… NIIIIIICE. The last full week of the month is testing for the JHS, which means I have two days of JHS and 3 days of elementary school.

Oh, and SUMO started Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those two weeks always go quickly.

Suddenly, it will be June.

I saw 6 turtles today on a floating buoy that probably only had room for 2. Somehow they all fit on it. Somehow they got on top of this white Styrofoam buoy that is in the middle of the lake. I didn’t think turtles were climbers. hmm.

I really love Japan.

I will leave a piece of myself here when I leave. Part of that piece will be able to be gotten back, should I chose to visit again… the other part will be lost forever.

What I have now, I will never have again.

I will miss it. Absolutely.

2 thoughts on “Back to life…

  1. Cool how time seems to pass like that isnt it.  Its almost like at times you could take a vacation from what your doing just by being involved in something else or changing what your schedule looks like.  Sweet story about the turtles as well 🙂  They are always fun, though I still think you should have tried to go and capture one so that you would have a pet to take on your walks. Understandable as well about leaving part of you in Japan – the good news is that in returning you will be filling yourself with even more memories and events that you would never want to give up or miss out on.  Not that any of them will replace your time in Japan, but just make the shift easier.  🙂


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