So that the world may know…

I apparently forgot to include a few things on my last post…

Besides all of the time I spent with Jared and friends and in Texas, I did have some GREAT quality time with my mom. We haven’t had many opportunities since I came to Japan, to just go shopping and hang out. (I suppose it is ok for me to say that now… since I am of the age where it is cool to hang out with your mom.) *** FYI: ItΒ has always been cool to hang out with my mom.

When I came home, I had two dresses to buy, one for the wedding I went to in Texas, and one for my one year anniversary with Jared. So my mom took a day of her spring break and went shopping with me! WE ended up finding the two dresses I bought at the first store, but we went to other places “just to make sure”. We had the most amazing lunch at Red Lobster, which included 1lb of crab legs, shrimp scampi, baked potato, and a virgin Strawberry Daiquiri. ( AND I paid for it! My mom’s Christmas present this year was a gift certificate for me to take her to any seafood place and treat her. So that was cool too!!) The lunch in itself was amazing, but to add it to an already great day was the icing on a WONDERFUL cake.

My dad, well.. he did something great too! He co-signed for my Prius which made it possible for me to get my loan approved. He also paid for my birthday dinner, which was at this amazing Asian buffet (Which also has GREAT crab legs!) He complained a little, since he thought Jared should be paying for me, and that he shouldn’t have to pay for Jared TOO, but I reminded him that Jared was taking me out the next night for our anniversary, and that he would be paying plenty. :)My dad is such a cool kid! πŸ™‚

After dinner, my mom bought a cool ice cream cake (which I am hoping will still be in the freezer when I come home πŸ™‚ ) and my mom and Jared decorated it… using red hots for my name, since the frosting wouldn’t come out of the tube. πŸ™‚

It was a cool trip home. I can’t wait to make it a permanent visit.

2 thoughts on “So that the world may know…

  1. aww…. i miss that movie. yeah, it does suck. i’m not too angry about it anymore.  it royally ticked me off last night…now i’m almost to the point of thinking it is funny.  anwyay… thanks for the note, friend.


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