I sat there freezing. The homemade chocolate ice cream melting in the cup that I just put down… too full of hamburgers and hotdogs to care whether I ate the rest of it.

Just inches away were friends and family… who I will miss once I am gone.

Several blocks away, the lights were turned off and we could hear the crowd in the stadium applaud with anxiety of the eminent display. We adjusted in our own chairs, chilled from the cold and warmed by excitement.

Then they came. Red, purple, gold, green, orange, green and red, red and white… too many to count. The sky was lit up for a moment of gathered awe.

I tried to capture the moment. The cold, the colors, the hand that held mine… the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ that sounded from the stadium. I tried to soak it all in so that I would never lose it.

And suddenly, it was finished. The magic of the moment lost. Forever to be remembered, but never… not ever… to be had again.

4 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. starting tomorrow afternoon i’ll be in town pretty much until wednesday.  i’ll be in the springs on saturday for cheriese keyston’s wedding.  i’m pretty free until wednesday excluding tomorrow night and saturday night.  let me know what you’re up for.


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