Cap and Gown

It’s crazy… no matter what time of year it happens to be, there is NEVER condensation on the outside of a cold glass in Colorado. It is THAT dry here.

I noticed this and felt the world needed to know.

I bought my cap and gown today. Graduation never seemed more real. It’s weird because I don’t feel old enough to be graduating COLLEGE!

As I was staring down at what my $27.18 had just bought me, I wondered….

Who the CRAP designed these outfits? I mean REALLY! They look weird, you’ll never see someone outside of the ceremony or graduation day wear the gowns. I paid THEM $60,000
and they get to make me frolic around in a huge black robe- I wouldn’t be caught dead in- and a cardboard hat that has this weird elastic stuff that makes a little pouch in the back of your head, so it looks like you have a growth or something. The only redeeming part is the tassel, cause EVER SINGLE TIME you move your head it tickles your ear, which isn’t fun… but keeps you awake during the 4 hour long ceremony.

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to sitting in the seats that have been sat upon for at least the last four years… I’m sure the butt-indentations of those who have gone before me will make me feel… really uncomfortable. Cause, to think about that… is kinda disgusting.

In 2 months and 3 days, I will become a CCU graduate of 2005. WOW, that’s soon. And I will sit there, black robe, cardboard hat, and tassel… proud of what I have accomplished, and entertained by the tassel tickling my ear.

5 thoughts on “Cap and Gown

  1. Aw, c’mon. The tassle tickling your ear COULD be fun. What a well deserved accomplishment – all those endless sleepless nights over reports on culturally irrelevant topics.But you’ll have the DEGREE!! 🙂 VERY well done.


  2. aris your descriptions are amazing. they ake me laugh out loud which has caused hannah to look at me strangely. oh well. thanks for the entertainment!


  3. aris, apparently, you have been really awesome lately. i do not doubt that. maybe to reward you for you awesomeness, you will get the chance to experience and earthquake somewhere, maybe in denver, where condensation doesn’t occur on the outside of glasses. it snowed today in kobe. i ate some snowflakes. it rocked my world, and made my day so great. i also fed some homeless some curry, which was like a soup. i’ve never had a curry like a soup…i’ve only had curry like, well, like a curry. well, it still tasted great. the snowfalkes made the perfect dessert. perhaps not as good as grape ice cream from saizeria though. (you were the one that loved that stuff right?)


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