Band Tour 2005

Here I am! The first day of band tour!! We are currently in Cortez, CO and will be here until tomorrow morning when we leave. We’ve had one concert so far and it was.. well… not so good. It was actually SO BAD that the only positive thing Mr. Dorn could encourage us with, was that we all looked really good in the debut of the tour shirts. (Polos that were designed by MEEEEE. ) Sad huh? But we have an evening concert tonight, so hopefully we will redeem ourselves.

In our defense, most of us only got about 4 hours of sleep. We were supposed to arrive in Cortez around 11:00 pm and we got a flat tire on the truck carrying all the percussion and sound equipment. Which delayed us, causing us to get in at 12:30am. Blah.

But HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mommie!!! She’s old today… just kidding. She’s 45 years young. Love you Mommie 🙂

Onto more tour!!! I don’t know when the next time I will get to update is, but know.. I will as soon as I can.

4 thoughts on “Band Tour 2005

  1. I’m having CO withdrawls…not that I’ve been there recently, but on my snowmachine forum, there were some decent pics of riding by Rabbit Ears and Columbine up east of Steamboat. Also Wolf Creek area… *snif* We just have slush.
    But I made Aris’ entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 ^)^ => No one will have faces if you keep rocking ’em all off 😛


  2. wow, it’s so cool to actually have someone attempting to update during tour. that is really sad that your first concert didn’t go so well and you had the flat tire and all. yay for mr. dorn and encouraging comments! well, hopefully, you got the nasty stuff out of the way and everything is going to rock from now on! keep the updates coming whenever you have computer time! i love it. and i love you!


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