JET update

Alas, I am afraid I have procrastinated again.

I must apologize for my late update, as usual it’s been a hectic week and eventful weekend.. Allow me to explain:

The JET interview went WELL! I was so nervous parking downtown and walking to the Adam’s Mark hotel… so many business people EVERYWHERE. I’ve never seen downtown Denver at 8:30 AM. I arrived almost an hour early for my interview… but as my dad and mom said, better an hour early than one minute late. I had 3 Japanese people interview me, an older gentleman, and a younger woman and younger man. They were really nice and we laughed throughout my interview. Overall, I walked out of the room with a sense of peace, and I am anxiously awaiting the first week of April, when I will find out which path God has set before me.

The rest of the week finished in a blur and I don’t exactly remember everything. I do remember being really busy and performing the song I wrote on piano with Daniel, who dressed as a woman Viking and sang about Helga the Viking. It was hilarious, and it was the most fun I had in a long time!

Unfortunately, I woke up Friday morning with a stuffy nose. I had hoped it was only allergies, but it was in fact another cold. I had just gotten over the last cold not FOUR DAYS BEFORE! That just doesn’t happen! Getting sick like that So soon after. I went home so that I could focus on my 8 page paper on Civil Religion, which in case anyone wants to know, I will probably be the most knowledgeable on this subject until Wednesday, when it will fade into oblivion with the rest of the useless junk I am been fed and then forced to regurgitate. I finished my paper, 8 pages exactly. And I’m still sick. I also finished the two programs for these next two weeks, one for band tour and one for the jazz concert Friday. I hate programs.

But the day, oh the Monday… was not without a ray of sunshine. The pure fact that I turned in that paper and am done with that class after Wednesday makes me SO HAPPY!
I also finished all of the music programs until after tour, which also makes me very happy.
And last but not least, when I go to bed tonight… I get to sleep in. It’ll be great.

Ok, I am now going to bed.

2 thoughts on “JET update

  1. I have this visual picture of Aris boldly, yet apprehensively plowing her way through the 8am Denver business mob. *hehehe* Nice work and some serious kudos to ya.
    Giving it to God always seems to bring peace – and enjoy your long overdue and well deserved beauty sleep!!!


  2. I’m glad the interview went well!  I’m sure God will take care of the rest – you’ll end up where you’re supposed to end up. 
    Thanks for the advice; that was something I was praying about – just because the opportunity came around doesn’t necessarily mean I should take it – but I think that I’m just going to tell God that this is what I think He wants me to do, and if I’m wrong, then please tell me or redeem my mistake.  I think going in with a sincere heart and not a biased mind is key…I really appreciate the prayers.  And also, the fact that you thought of me after watching Gilmore Girls totally made my day.  You have no clue! 


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