All you need is 1 thing… maybe 2

It was the best of times… it was the worst of times. It was… last week.

I updated a few times last week, but even though I did… a sudden mood of reflection inspires me to write more. ( Ahhh… such is the perfectionist’s life… never feeling done or that something was never done thoroughly enough.)

I have felt in the past two months a plateau of “blah” that I could not find a way out of. I did my best to keep a smiling face, but really… with the reality of life passing me by, good and bad, I wasn’t able to to change the daunting feeling of being thrashed around by the constant ups and downs. Never before had I been in such a vast, empty and dry desert, consumed by an overwhelming ocean. Nonetheless, I finally had a week that was able to redeem my spirit to the joy I once knew, and now, fortunately… know again.

The thing that was restored for me this weekend, was the realization of how much joy spending time with people gives me. Perhaps it is that this has been one of the hardest years EVER. Dealing with classes that take over every ounce of my time and energy and the fact that life is getting ready to change again before I’m even able to evaluate what it is thought I learned. I think the confusion and frustration comes when what you learned seems contradictory to what you had hoped to gain from the entire experience. The only light at the end of this tunnel, and what I learned form this past week, is that I learned exactly what I needed to learn. People are the most important things, and building relationships is the part of life that is worth everything. When I lost sight of this and when I didn’t add anything to the relationships I have… I felt the loss in my life.

While I admit, (especially after reading what I just wrote) this sounds incredibly selfish and self-seeking… I assure you, it probably is. I knew there was something wrong in my life, and I figured out what it was.

My pastor played a movie clip in church today from City Slickers. ( I think #1) And Curly is talking about the secret of life is one thing, and only each person knows what it is. God is my number one thing, and I know that 100%, however, I think that I might have two things. People being my #2.

Even in the midst of being sick last week, and the crappy factor that had for my outlook on the week as a whole, it was still a good week.

The outlook for this week is only a little dismal, because I am only beginning to realize everything I need to do before Friday. But I am well again, I’m going skiing this weekend at, YES…. WOLF CREEK!!!!! Lot’s to look forward too, lots to do…

The JET interview is Wednesday at 9 AM. PLEASE pray for me!!!!

AS for the rest of it… It’s a beautiful day.

4 thoughts on “All you need is 1 thing… maybe 2

  1. Thank you for sharing.  “I think the confusion and frustration comes when what you learned seems contradictory to what you had hoped to gain from the entire experience.”  That’s so true and so…enlightening, I suppose.  I’m glad that, in the midst of all the “blah,” you were able to grow.  Sometimes, we must endure the desert to truly appreciate the water of life.


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