The Day After Valentine’s Day

I got a very special gift. No, not roses, candy, cards, or kisses. Surprisingly, on  Valentine’s Day yesterday, the best thing I got didn’t have a single thing to do with the holiday. (Which, on my worst day… I still maintain was created by candy and card companies for the purpose of boosting sales and reminding single people everywhere… they are still single.)

I was driving through campus, and suddenly I remembered that feeling I got the first year I was in school. It was a sense of awe that I had finally made it to college and how wonderful CCU was. Not only did I remember this feeling, but I felt it! For a fleeting moment I was transported back… I was a different person then, and I have noticed lately that I long for those days when I as filled with energy, just by knowing I was at a great school. Perhaps it has been that I have jaded myself, or perhaps I have been at CCU so long, that I forget what it is that makes CCU so special. In any case, I was glad for this feeling… even if it only lasted a moment. Remembering that has given me new energy that I haven’t had in a while!

And just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better! I went to an Anti- Valentine’s day party at Aaron’s. Oh my GOSH! It was SO FUN!! I mostly played cards all night, but the best part about it… was that I played the MOST amazing game of poker EVER! Yeah, the guys are scared to play with me now…even though I assured them it was one night of luck only, Mike was convinced we needed to leave for Vegas right after we finished the game . I ended up losing in the last hand… but still… so much fun!

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