Questionnaire Time Capsule

Please read the entry under this one…

1. Slept in your bed – Me, Myself and I
2. Saw you cry – Doug, Don and Megan… all at the same time.
3. Made you cry – Dr. Schantz… stupid theory 4
4. Spent the night with – “Last person who spent the night with?” What kind of a sentence is this?! I won’t even justify it with an answer.
5. Went to the movies with – Amanda Moss… Bridget Jones’ Diary 2. ( Yeah back in December)
6. Went to the mall with – Honestly? Jeremy Watson, last YEAR. We went to get a present for his sister. That was a long time ago.
7. You kissed – my cat (not a person.. but, there you go.)

1. Gotten into a fist fight – nope
2. Been to New York – Every time I watch ‘Sleepless in Seattle”
3. California – “Have I ever California?” again.. stupid question! but since I know what it means… yes I went there for Spring Break last year and I LOVE it!
4. Florida – most of my extended family lives there… so yes.
5. Hawaii -not yet, but… my dad says it’s my husband’s job to take me.
6. Mexico – YES! All over it, and to Cozumel. AMAZING
7. China – no, but I think Japan should be on here. I’ve been there. and Germany too.
8. Canada -Yes, Toronto for 10 days
9. Wished you were the opposite sex – only once a month
10. Had an imaginary friend – I don’t remember. If I did, you’ll have to ask my mom.
1. Red or blue – mixed please…
2. Spring or fall – again.. both
3. Are you bored -oh no.. I’m having a blast filling out this survey.
4. Last noise you heard -the music to the final credits of A Few Good Men
5. Last time you went out of state – I drove to Texas for New Year’s
6. Do you have a crush on someone? no, and I’ll tell you.. it’s AWESOME
7. What book are you reading now? Men are from Moab, Women are from Israel
8. What is the first thing you think when you wake up? What time is it?
9. How many rings before you answer? It depends on how far away the phone is… and whether or not I am “indisposed”
10. Future daughter’s name – nope.. not telling.
11. Future son’s name – see above
12. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Gus, my big bear… every once in a while.
13. If you could have any job, what would it be? A person who tests mattresses
14. Are you lefty, righty, or ambidextrous? righty, the only way to go
15. What’s under your bed? i have drawers under my bed, so there is a lot of stuff.
16. Favorite sport to watch – FOOTBALL!
17. Current age – 21
18. Siblings – Rana
19. Location – Lakewood, CO
20. College plans – Planning to be done in 3 months!
21. Piercings – 5 holes in my ears
22. Boyfriend/girlfriend- not currently. I am however, accepting applications.
1. Do you do drugs? nope
2. What kind of shampoo do you use? Fructis
3. What are you most scared of? people throwing up
4. What clothes do you sleep in? pajamas
5. Last person who called you – Megan, cause my phone died mid conversation
6. Where do you want to get married? eh… I don’t know
7. What type of automobile do you drive? 96 Suzuki Swift
8. Do you like being around people? ABSOLUTELY
9. Best feeling in the world – finishing a day knowing I did the best I could
10. Are you a health freak – I like to be healthy.. yes that is good
1. Have you ever loved someone you didn’t have a chance with? I would say I liked someone.. not loved someone I didn’t have a chance with.
2. Do you have a “type”? no, not really.
3. Interested in someone you aren’t with? not right now, otherwise I would have a crush (see above)
4. Ever afraid you won’t get married? naw.. not gonna worry about that till I’m 30

1. Room in house – my bedroom
2. Type of music – alternative, rocky type stuff
3. Band – Switchfoot
4.Memory – I’ve got so many…
5. Day of the week – Thursday
6. Color – purple
7. Cologne or perfume- Moonlight Path
1. Cried – Nope
2. Bought something – nope
3. Gotten sick – Not thrown up.. but am getting sick.. blah.
4. Sung – worship practice at church last night
5. Said “I love you” – to my dad
6. Met someone new – yes. Zack, a preview student.
7. Talked to someone – yes.. are you serious? When am I NOT talking to someone?
8. Hugged someone – yep
9. Kissed someone – nope…
1. Smoked pot – NO
2. Kissed someone of the opposite sex – yes.
3. Kissed someone of the same sex – my mom and sis… a while ago.
4. Crashed a friend’s car – NO! Who made up this survey?!
5. Ridden in a taxi – mostly in other countries like Mexico.
6. Been dumped – like yesterdays garbage…
7. Shoplifted – no
8. Been fired -no
9. Snuck out of parent’s house – no
10. Been arrested – no
12. Gone on a blind date – yes
13. Been to Europe – yes
14. Skipped school -no…
15. Been married – no
16. Had children – no

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