My cat, Precious, is very lucky.

I remember thinking back when I was 10 ( I’ve had Precious for almost 12 years! Crazy huh?) that cats are SO LUCKY cause they don’t have to do anything crappy in life.

They never procrastinate doing homework, so they have to stress out about it the next day.

They never get the flu or a cold… at least not like we do.

They never have to feel the ache of a broken heart.

They never have to wake up to an alarm clock.

They never have to fill out applications and go to job interviews.

They never have to do music theory 4 homework.

They never run out of toilet paper.


I woke up this morning to my cat sleeping by my side, and I looked at her and wondered how it would be to live the life of simplicity.

I do concede that in order to live so simply, and without all the crap in life, is also to live a dull and boring existence. To not feel the hurt and pain and suffering, is also not to feel the love, joy and excitement that life is.

My cat, Precious, is lucky because she is spared the rotten parts. But I am blessed because I am not.

Anyway, I just want to talk a little about my Saturday of this weekend. First I went to a Colorado Crush game ( Arena football… which is totally not like NFL or anything like that.. but still TOTALLY fun!) I went with Scott and Kevin, who are only beginning to redeem their lack of communication over the past 6 months. After that Megan and I went to a concert at a coffee house type of thing in Evergreen. ‘About John’, is the name of the band that played. TOTALLY rocked my face off. It was a great concert, and then a group of us went to Jose’ O’ Sheas ( I think that’s how it’s spelled.) It was just a great night. A great day even.

Today has been kind of blah. For those of you who read up on my life, you know I’m constantly in a state of cleaning. So that is what I did today. I’m also doing homework while watching the Superbowl… which… for the record, I am for the Eagles this game. I’ve been disappointed with the commercials thus far this year. Hopefully they will redeem themselves.

Anyway. I’m, going to go finish homework. Fun times. Watch me contain my excitement.

2 thoughts on “Cats

  1. I was rooting for the Eagles, too…but I like the Pats and Brady, too, so I’m not heartbroken, or anything.
    And, I too will gladly give up a life of simplicity for love.  Like you said, we are blessed =).  And you’re still cleaning, huh?  That’s not necessarily a bad thing…it’s probably better than hardly cleaning at all, which seems to be my M.O.  I hope school isn’t bogging you down too badly.  Stay strong!


  2. that means your birthday is exactly nine days after my birthday. make a note of that. =) i think i will tell my mom to make some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. happy scepcila day, aris!


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