Deep Thoughts on Cookies

Life is a cookie.

Before you think I’m totally insane and discredit everything here-after, know this… I think my reasons are legit for making such an insane statement.

First, there are all different kinds of cookies, and no two cookies… even if from the same batch, are exactly the same.

Second, sometimes you crave cookies the way you suddenly get a craving for life, and in the same way.. if you eat too many cookies, you really don’t want some for a while.

But third, and most important… is that while you are eating a cookie, it is good! Sometimes you can eat it too quickly an not savor each and every moment; and that sometimes you don’t ever miss a cookie until it’s gone.

This third reason is the main point I am trying to make.

I’m sitting here eating ice cream… ( yes I’m eating ice cream, and no I’m not cheating)
in a mug I got while in San Francisco. ( Just to clarify, the ice cream is in the mug, I am not) and I’m remembering my Spring Break trip to the great city last year. Gosh what good times! All over and done. All that are left are the memories, crumbs, that remind me of what it was I had, and no longer have anymore. Granted, I still hold onto the memories, and good memories they are… But what do I have to hold on to? Memories? Pictures? Journal entries? These are like re-heated leftovers… a representation of what the real thing was like, but nowhere near the experience of the fresh meal.

Megan and I were driving down the street in front of CCU and I saw the freshman dorms. I’ve seen them many times, heck! I DID live there! But i remembered almost four years ago, and how different the world seemed to me then. I remembered the 3.5 years that have passed, and though challenging and probably some of the hardest times I will ever experience ( other than child birth, which I’m sure will take the cake).. gosh, they were good times!

I don’t want people to think that I am a sentimental freak that is going to have issues letting go of my college days that will ultimately drive me into counseling. No… I know that these days will soon be over and gone. And while it may seem premature, I am mourning this last large hurdle into my adult life. I am excited for my future, and can’t wait to see how the next few years will turn out! But, the part of me that mourns the loss of the present time I am experiencing, and the part that is excited to be done with all the crap involved with school so I can get into the real world… are at war with each other inside of me.

Nonetheless, life is a cookie. Because even though I am almost done with this cookie… I know that there are more cookies. The world will never be without cookies…

2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts on Cookies

  1. cookies are awesome. my mother just made a couple cookies from the dough left over from christmas. Aris, it would be so cool if you became a JET! you are so awesome.


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