Work on a Sunday

I am officially at work on a Sunday.

The beautiful sky that I saw yesterday has witnessed the injustice.

Today it cries with me.

Well, it actually isn’t SO bad. AND… I am going to get to see Mr. Asashorju IN PERSON…. LIVE…. in OSAKA on Tuesday.

Not only him, but hunky Bulgarian, Kotooshu.

Be jealous… be VERY jealous.

2 thoughts on “Work on a Sunday

  1. I’m so jealous!!!!  i want to see Asashorju! 
    oh..and we should have band that day… i’ll be at the music building at work from 1-3 before band so you should come early and see me or we should go to dinner after or something.  gosh…it will be good to see you!


  2. are you serious! you are going to see sumo live! and not just any sumo, Asashorju sumo! that is amazing. i have always wanted to go to a live match. you get to sit on your knees on the zabuton. and if there is a major upset, you get to throw your zabuton into the ring. how exciting. i’m terribly jealous.


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