The thing about generalizations… at least, as far as I have noticed… is that once you make them you have to be willing to admit you were wrong.

There are ALWAYS exceptions.  Always.

Honestly, it would be better if you never made the generalization in the first place… since the moment you decide how a certain group of people act, where they come from, or how you feel about them… they surprise you and prove your ‘generalization’ wrong.

What gets me is that sometimes, the very person who led you to make the generalization  in the first place, is the one who defies it.

I learned today that a bad day doesn’t always stay a bad day, and sometimes… sometimes, it becomes one of those days you never want to forget.

Today I learned that the frustration of miscommunication, unpreparedness, rain, and lack of understanding…

                        … can be turned into interculturalization through games, a picnic lunch, and priceless memories.

They called me ‘Tiger’ today… and then they asked to eat lunch with me.

 The pictures will be priceless.


1 thought on “Craziness

  1. hooray! i’m glad you got them. sorry they took forever…. i’m such a slacker on some areas lately.  april 6…i can’t think of anything right now, so its possible that i’ll be free.  I’m usually free on Thursday nights… so yeah. i’ll do my best to keep it open for you. 🙂


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