Friday in Japan

Whew! It’s FRIDAY!!!! YAY! So the weeks has gone by rather smoothly. I’ve actually been more social this week than I was the last week I was at home. Tuesday night I went out with my new Japanese friend Midori. We went shopping and she drove me all over Awaji showing me places. The BEST thing I got was a library card! I can borrow English movies with Japanese subtitles for FREE. Just like a normal library. But this is probably going to save my life.

Wednesday night I went to a concert featuring the Higashiura junior high school band and a high school band. Apparently this is the 45th year they’ve done this concert. It was SO GOOD! These junior high students were playing better than most American high school students (really good ones) and the high school was probably college level. I remembered why I like music so much… and am glad I have it in a foreign country. Because music is universal. For 2 hours, I was home.

Last night I went to Midori’s house for a Japanese BBQ. ALSO amazing!! Nothing like American BBQ. You grill bite size pieces of all kinds of vegetables and some chicken, beef and yes.. I even ate ‘taco’ (the Japanese word for octopus.) Then you pick the food off the grill with chopsticks and put each piece in the dipping sauce and eat it. VERY GOOD.

This morning, I had to arrive at school early, because they did a type of welcoming ceremony plus honoring ceremony for students in sports. I had to give a speech in Japanese, first to the teachers I work with and second to the entire junior high school. I can only compare the feeling I felt while giving the speech… to that of a 12 year old Jewish boy… who is reading the Torah. Except I had skipped the months and months of schooling that was supposed to teach me what I was saying/doing… it was awkward, and I was glad when it was over. Nonetheless, people seemed to understand me just fine, and many teachers said it was a good speech. HA! I think they are just being nice.

Anyway… so my first full week is done. I am looking forward to tomorrow when I plan on going into the city (Kobe)… and off Awaji island, to hang out with my other JET friends. Can’t spend too much money, so.. we’ll see what I actually end up doing.

I hope you are all doing well… Till later!

9 thoughts on “Friday in Japan

  1. Nice to hear that you’re doing well in Japan. I’ve been extremely busy here in Columbus with my new job and having my own place. I’m glad you have access to English movies. I’m planning on visiting Japan sometime next year, so while I’m there to see Will, I’ll def. be visiting you, as well. Anyway, sorry for the lapse in communication, it’s been an interesting month or so. Take care and God Bless!Jon


  2. the tako ferry huh? never heard of it. do they serve tako on the boat. is the boat shaped like a giant tako. can you see tako in the water from the deck? i guess all of those things would be cool, especially the tako shaped ferry deal. well, i’m soon going to be in missouri, where the nearest body of water is the mississippi river. i doubt they have any tako in that.


  3. what in this world?!  are you living in japan or are you on a trip?and by the way, in regards to the y’all comment, I was stressing the all so I needed to separate.  but don’t be confused!  i’m still a y’all kinda girl!  πŸ™‚


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