Settling In

Things are going well so far. It is hot and humid.. I’m LOVING JAPAN!!!! I had Okonomiyaki (I hope I spelled that right…. sorry if I didn’t) yesterday with two English teachers, one math teacher, and the vice principal of my school (and a partridge in a pear tree). It was so great! I talked to my mom and Jared yesterday, which was also a treat. The hard part about having a phone card, is that I want to save it and use it all at the same time. CRAZY. Jared called me this morning… TOTAL surprise!!! I wasn’t expecting his call at all.

Getting used to being by myself a LOT and not having much contact with other native English speakers. It makes for long lonely nights, but you know, it gives me more time for things I haven’t had time for before… like a regular devotional time, writing LOTS of letters, and working on making oboe reeds. Can’t practice very much at night, but during the day I suppose it will be ok.

I miss everyone very much… I think of you often!

5 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. It’s TreLiyVan. If I came across your page. I must have liked what you said or thought you were cute. I wanted to leave my props and hope that you will do the same. Fell free to hit me back with any of your oppions. Well take care sweetie and hope to hear from you soon… TreLiyVan


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