To Do List

I can’t believe that I will be leaving for Japan in 5 weeks. It almost doesn’t seem real. And there are so many things to accomplish before then.

#1 I must move out of Denver giving away most of my earthy belongings. (Check.. except that I gave away two cars-full of junk, a dresser, a desk, and a queen sized water bed and still had to squish the rest of my stuff in my mom’s Rav 4, my dad’s Santa Fe and yes, the little suzuki.)

#2 I must now go through everything I’ve already been through AGAIN to get rid of EVEN more of my stuff.

#3 I must house-sit for my parents  while they go scuba diving in the Solomon Islands for 10 days. YES this includes the fourth of July, and yes I am going to have a wild and crazy party whilst my parents are away…yeah right.

#4 I am hoping to go to Texas for apprx. 4-5 days to see all my camp friends and to see my sister one last time before I leave. Plus, I just can’t stay away from the heat and humidity.

#5 I have to plan a “going away for a very long time” party for myself so that all people will know I am actually leaving.

#6 I have to squeeze every last minute I possibly can with a few choice friends and my family, making sure I equal out the time spent and never spending more time with one than another.

#7 I must pack all of the crap I have sorted through 3 times, in either the one suitcase I will get to have with me or the few boxes I will be able to ship to myself.

Among that, I have to apply for some tax waiver, get my teeth cleaned, eyes checked, contacts ordered, prescription forms sent-verified- and returned, and some sort of question answer thingy on June 25th. But no stress… YEAH RIGHT.

Did I mention that I really am excited to go? I really am. Did I also mention how much I’m going to miss everyone? Cause I will.

Dreams await me… goodnight.

5 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. hello aris my friend! how are you? i have a random question for you….are you planning to go to Andrew Trim’s show at the Dazzle on the 22nd? it would be awesome if you would let me know! good luck with the cleaning and packing!


  2. mm aris. be sure and let me know when your “going away for a very long time” party is…cause i wanna come. we’ll miss you too, but you will have the coolest time of any of us, most likely.


  3. well…i thought i was going to need a ride up there, but now my mom and sister want to come. scratch that…actually my mom wants to come so she can meet kathy. 🙂 so i suppose i’ll see you there!


  4. freedom is amazing. i got to drive to chapel hills today all by myself. so much fun. i’ll see you in about a week! see ya!


  5. any chance you’ll be in denver between now and next Wednesday night? it would be so cool to hang out with you before you leave for wonderful japan! call andrew if you want to set something up.


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