Silly Emails


This is a conversation I had via email yesterday with one of my music professors. All ideas are my own, and were thought up in mere minutes. I hope you enjoy it. It made me chuckle a few time myself…




Mr. D,

For your enjoyment! A momentary break from the stresses of the day:


Have you ever felt weird about eating foods that were made in the shape of an animal? I mean even foods that are made from animals are re-shaped to look like they DIDN’T come from animals. My point is this, how can we teach our children that it is ok to eat something with a face on it? It’s just sad! Like this one time, I couldn’t eat a Mickey Mouse popsicle because he was staring back at me. It melted all over my pants and then he was gone anyway. So the next time I ate him, and each time after it became easier and easier, till I wasn’t eating only Mickey, but now, all of his friends AND goldfish!! ( Not the real ones, the cracker ones… the ones where in the commercial say something to the effect of “ …They smile back at you, until you bite their heads off…”) CRUEL!


I’m in recovery now… one day I will be ok. I am not allowed in any worldwide chain of Disney, because of an incident where I mistook the “real” Mickey for my popsicle… The doctors say the man will recover in a few months. Charges are pending. I have a good lawyer.


Thank you! That is all! This brief break from reality was brought to you in a moment of inspiration! J Have a Happy day!




Mr. D: You are getting more, not less, strange, Aris…..  🙂


Me: You know… I think you’re right. But you know it makes life more interesting. Randomness is the essence of something. I’m still trying to figure it out.


Mr. D: You are like Captain Random.   The Randominator.  Randomo, the mutant….




Me: The mutant? COME ON now… are you suggesting that I have mutated from NON- random to random? Or are you saying that I have always been a mutant spawn of my parents? In which case, they would be non-random individuals?

Apparently, SIR… you have not met the people who claim me as their own!

Really, I can’t blame it on my parents. It is in fact, a product of society and extreme pressure and stress that is the cause of who I am today. So in fact, you are possibly very correct with the mutant theory.


Mr. D: don’t you have something to do?









Anyway, it was fun… these were emails, just so you know. I don’t chat online on AIM or MSN with professors, cause that is wrong. And also to clarify, I was waiting for a preview student who never showed up! BUT I was working.


I hope everyone has a happy day!




4 thoughts on “Silly Emails

  1. haha, that’s funny.  i don’t think that i would ever e-mail my profs with anything like that….it’d just be too darn awkward.  LoL. 🙂


  2. Aris, I think this qualifies you to be my new favorite person.  That was SO funny, it made my day.  I think I will mention something about Mickey Mouse to Dorn today to see how he responds.  That was great.  Thanks for sharing….you ARE a mutant!!!!


  3. Aris you are insane…and i love you.  yeah, it is hard…and i just got to the point where i just dont’ care anymore.  i feel like a jerk, but she’s being such a jerk to me that i just don’t care if i’m a jerk back right now…not a good attitude.


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