I wasn’t going to do this, but I had time and I was threatened with penalty of death if I DIDN’T do it 🙂

THREE names you go by, other than you’re original name:
1. Hey You
2. JB

3. um… Aris ( Hard to make a nickname about that.)

THREE screen names you have had:
1. thumpurah
2. hotpinkhair05
3. n/a

THREE things you like about yourself:
1. My hair.. sometimes
2. My face.. sometimes
3. My feet… sometimes

THREE things you dislike about yourself:
1. My weight
2. My compulsive need to have the toilet paper come over the top instead of underneath, so that distribution is made easy.

3. That my room can get SO messy that I could get lost in it without food or water for several days.

THREE parts of your heritage:
1. Irish

2.  Scottish
3. Creek Indian (1/32 to be exact!)

THREE things that scare you: : :
1. Lightning, especially while standing under large trees

2. Dolls… seriously. I had a bad dream once that Satan came as a doll and tried to get me in all kinds of trouble. I had nightmares for months.

3. Carpet. You never really know what’s down in there. Vacuums don’t get EVERYTHING.

THREE everyday essentials:
1. Soap

2. Underwear

3. Dental Floss

THREE things you are wearing right now: : :
1. flip flops… yes in Colorado, yes in 30 degree weather.. no I’m not dumb

2. My comfy T Bar M hoodie, it’s SOFT
3. All necessary and appropriate under clothings

THREE of your favorite bands (at the moment):
1. Switchfoot
2. Gavin Degraw (Which isn’t a band, but SO WHAT)
3. Bonnie McKee (see above)

THREE new things you want to try in the next 12 months: : :
1. Getting my hair professionally cut and styled
2. Losing 30 pounds

3. Buffalo hunting (not really)

THREE things you want in relationship (love is a given)
1. God as the foundation
2. Patience and all those other fruits of the spirit

3. Acting goofy… cause it’s great

TWO truths and A lie: : :
1. I LOVE all foods that are bad for me!
2. I can’t feel my feet right now
3. Sometimes I get lonely even when I’m surrounded by tons of people

THREE physical features about the opposite sex (or same) that appeal to you: : :
1. GOOD dental hygiene. (Pink gums, good looking teeth, the works!)
2. Eyes
3. Hair line… it’s gotta be there.

THREE things you just can’t do:
1. Eat pickled pigs feet.
2. Listen to someone barf 
3. Touch my nose with my tongue.

THREE of your favorite hobbies:
1. Scrapbooking, when I have time.                             2. Reading for FUN! ( never happens)
3.  Hanging out and meeting new people

THREE things you want really badly right now:
1. To be in Japan                             2.  To swim in a large vat of chocolate… milk chocolate.
3. To know who my husband will be.

THREE careers you are seriously considering:
1. Teaching English in Japan
2. Becoming a professional belly dancer
3. Being a wife and mom

THREE places you want to go on vacation:
1. New Zealand
2. Anywhere but Colorado, unless it’s Wolf Creek
3. San Francisco

THREE kids names you fancy: : :
1. Are you serious? Put them on here so everyone can steal them? I DON’T think so!

THREE things you want to do before you die:
1. Pee in a public pool (just kidding)
2. Dance in a waterfall                                          3. Graduate… which I might not make it.

I’m going home now. to clean my room. please tell me if you laughed at this. 🙂 It will make me happy.

P.S. Also going to watch Napoleon Dynamite, AGAIN

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