30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 28

Today was a good day…

I had a picnic lunch with my girls and our friend and her mom. Connecting with people in person is still a bit foreign…. and I love it more than I ever did.

I got to try to fix a few things I found in our basement… as I dug through memories and boxes this weekend. A few things landed in the “I accidentally left batteries in this for 27+ years… and that is definitely corrosion seeping out” pile. I have one 100% fixed item… my electronic Dream Phone game. I’m waiting for two different sized batteries to try to fix two other games. And I’m really hoping my husband can solder a metal piece in my preskool Alphie II… because he is still dead, no matter what I tried to do today.

I also found an old Game Boy that belonged to my sister… and it was NOT stored with the batteries inside! (Woohoo!) So it worked without any problems!!

Aaaaannnnd, I got to teach my kids proper protocol for what to do when you accidentally burn microwave popcorn. (Which is a good life skill to have.)

I would love to hear what you thought!

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