30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 17

Make a list of your favorite things about summer.

  • No School (Or work. I love my job, but the break is wonderful!)
  • Pool Time ( My family had an in-ground pool at two of our houses, for a total of 7 years, when I was a kid/teen. I spent almost every day swimming when I could. We currently have a blow-up kid pool, but grown-ups totally fit too… there isn’t really swimming, but plenty of splashing.)
  • Popsicles (Especially homemade ones. Especially guava juice, homemade ones.)
  • Rose Gardening (I have a tea rose garden in my front yard… I love taking care of them and watching them bloom all summer.)
  • Dusk & Sunsets (This time of day, especially in summer, is beautiful. The light is soft, the heat of the day has faded to warm… and it’s after 8pm.)
  • In-Season Fruit (Give me ALL THE BERRIES…. and watermelon.)
  • 4th of July & Fireworks (Looooooove fireworks! As a young kid, I used to cry when the show was over.)
  • BBQs (Grilling out is my favorite smell of summer.)
  • Fire Pits/ Campfires (After dark… with s’mores.)
  • Key Lime Pie (Truth: I can have a slice of key lime pie ANY time of the year (so good!)… but it feels more ‘right’ in the summer.)
  • Gladiolas (They are SO pretty, and I can only find them in July/August.)

I would love to hear what you thought!

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