30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 6

Discuss FIVE weird things you like.

  1. Canned lima beans, heated, with butter, salt, and pepper. I can eat these as a side… (specifically a side to meals like chicken and rice, or BBQ short ribs and mac-n-cheese) or alone as a snack. And I sometimes get cravings for them!
  2. Japanese Sumo Wrestling. I fell in love with sumo in 2004 while on a mission trip to Japan. I remember being amused that people actually watched it as a sport… when the husband of the missionary team we were working with, turned it on during dinner. He explained the simple rules and shared a few things about the specific rikishi (wrestlers)… it only took one day to fall in love with it. I still remember asking if there was a way to tape it, a few days later, when we would be out of the house during the broadcast. Once I moved to Japan, it was something to look forward to every other month. I would race home from my teaching job and prepare dinner while it played. I had (and still have) favorite rikishi… and have even been to two days of different bashos (tournaments) in person! Once in March 2006 and again in March 2010. I still love it now in 2021.
  3. Science Fiction tv/movies. I think the number of women who love SciFi is constantly growing, but maybe it is weird that I have a pretty feminine craft room… that is also decked out in Star Trek TNG, Doctor Who, and soon… a bit of Star Wars too!
  4. Dark Purple paint on walls. In the craft room I mentioned before… the walls and ceiling are dark purple. I have been told this feels too dark and depressing. But when I walk in, the color soothes me. If a room could give a comforting hug… it would be this room. It is one of my favorite spaces to be in… because of the paint color.
  5. Ketchup on fish. I honestly don’t like fish as much as other forms of protein. But I love a good battered cod or tilapia/salmon with some buttery sauce. And sometimes, I love ketchup on it too! I think it takes away the fishy taste. I’ve been told this is weird… by my father-in-law… who puts ketchup on everything (other than fish).

2 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 6

    • I agree! I don’t think it is weird… but other people’s reactions and their comments to me (even from Japanese people while I lived in Japan) would point to it not being an ordinary thing to love as an American woman. 😁 I love that the sport is really gaining popularity around the world, both in fans and people who are taking up the sport!

      Thanks for reading and your comment!


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