30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4

Write about something that is part of your routine that you enjoy.

I absolutely love the ritual of making a cup of tea. It is something I do at LEAST once a day… usually more. This isn’t something I’ve spent a great deal of thought or time on, and it isn’t structured or mandatory… it just kind of happens and has evolved over the years.

While I make breakfast, I select a mug (out of my continually growing collection) that fits with the theme, mood, or event of the day. (I have mugs I love to use on rainy days, snowy days, a watermelon colored mug for summer, Disney Starbucks mugs when I’m feeling nostalgic, Denver Broncos and Sumo mugs for game/tournament days… etc., etc.) Usually, the tea I pick for the morning is black tea like English Breakfast or Yorkshire Gold. Occasionally I am in the mood for Japanese genmaicha (the BEST green tea with toasted rice) or Good Earth’s Sweet & Spicy. Anything usually works for this morning cup…as long as it has a bit of caffeine.

Sometime around 2 or 3 pm… sometimes earlier, sometimes a bit later… I’ll have an afternoon cup of tea. Depending on what my energy level is looking like, sometimes I’ll have Earl Grey or another choice from the morning caffeine selection. If I use a tea cup, this is usually the time I do that. Occasionally, I’ll try to have a small treat with it too. It’s fun to feel fancy and slightly formal in the middle of a regular day.

At bedtime, I LOVE a good cup of peppermint tea! I’ve also got other caffeine free herbal teas in my stash… when I feel like mixing it up. I’ve got a few small mugs (5 – 6 oz) that I use for my evening tea. I may, or may not, have learned (the hard way) that a large mug of tea before bed guarantees a middle-of-the-night bathroom visit.

I love my tea so much, that when I travel… I usually take an electric kettle and tea cup with me!! It’s just such a fun way to slow down, take a few minutes to rest, and enjoy something tasty.

I would love to hear what you thought!

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