33 to 34

“Adulting” took on new meaning when I turned 30. The very next month I gave birth to my first child (which completely changed me in unforeseen ways). Since then, I’ve had some time to adjust, learn, and grow. Had a second child.  Dealt with loss, death, anxiety. And been challenged in ways I never knew were possible. Experienced JOY and happiness in strengths and waves so strong… I could burst.

Here I am, on the eve of my 34th birthday, and life is GOOD. It’s hard and messy and beautiful and simple…and it is GOOD. I decided last year to not allow myself to be limited by fear of failure. I joined a MOPS group. (It has been wonderful!) I learned to play the ukelele. (I’ve played almost everyday since the first time I picked it up.) And most recently, I started learning how to RUN. That last one…is CRAZY. I have always hated running. It’s the reason I stopped playing basketball after 2 seasons. Soccer after 3 seasons. I hated the fitness tests in middle school, because I HATED the mile run. Exercise-induced asthma didn’t help either. But I saw a pretty medal for a virtual run… and decided to GO FOR IT. (Four 10ks and one 5k -in one month- later…. 🙂 )

If nothing else… this last year has taught me that I can still learn new things. Just because I’ve never done it before, does not mean that I can’t learn now. I am not “stuck” in who I’ve always been, just because I’m an adult. (Thank goodness.)

There is freedom in realizing that.

I have high hopes for this upcoming year. As my kiddos grow up and transition into new seasons… I find myself drawn toward simple things.

Like the sound of a squealing/laughing toddler, running in a diaper.(And the sound a diaper makes when a kid runs in it.)

I will miss that one day.

Today is not that day.

(Delighting in each Moment)

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