Loss of a Pet

I always want to write about it- when one of our animals dies… and then I never do. I’m not really sure why. Perhaps the finality of it all and seeing it all written out. It feels like a huge and overwhelming task. Because, how on Earth can I write down and capture EVERYTHING that made these animals so, so special?? I want to get it right.

I have friends who will understand how these animals are like our children. And others who will understand how they are family. And I have friends who will never understand how we can feel that way about a dog or a cat.

4 years ago today, we had: 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits and exactly zero children.(And throughout our first 6 years of marriage we had 4 different hamsters.) I wasn’t even pregnant with our first child until August of 2012.

Yes, our house looked like a zoo to most people. But, to me, our house was filled with so much love. Every single animal had a unique personality and their own interesting quirks. Not a single of our animals was or is “normal”. They all had/have something irritating about them, and they each have/had an endearing quality that made us overlook the trouble or mess or frustration, every single time. 🙂

I hope you will bear with me over the next few days, as I finally write about the animals that have passed. We have said good-bye to two dogs in two months, the second being yesterday morning. And I might even write about those animals that remain… just because.


copyright Aris Greene 2011

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