Schrodinger’s… Baby

Ok, so the whole “Schrodinger’s Cat” example (in a very short explanation) supposes there is a cat inside a box. It is either alive or dead. You don’t know which until you open the box… and, until that happens, the cat is both alive AND dead at the same time because there is the possibility that each outcome is true. (I’m sure there is a much better explanation out there on Google… but it’s 10:36 pm.)

I hit 19 weeks tomorrow. Wow. It’s gone a lot faster this time around. ( The distraction of running after, feeding, and changing a 16 month old… figuring out her constantly changing sleep/nap schedule…. all while trying not to throw-up, will do that…. I guess.)

Big news this week, is that I’ve DEFINITELY been feeling the little person move and kick! Which is actually more reassuring to me (as a healthy pregnancy sign) than the doctors say my all-day morning sickness is.

Anyway, back to the cat…

As I get closer and closer to my gender ultrasound, I am getting more and more excited as I imagine this little person who is getting ready to join our family.

To complete our family.

And I can imagine it in two different ways. One is a very familiar, very comfortable dynamic. Three ladies with one man of the house. I grew up with that. I KNOW that. And I get very excited hoping for something resembling what I cherish in my own memories of my childhood. The other is VERY alien to me… but just as exciting. It would be an adventure exploring uncharted territory. And Dear Husband would get some added testosterone. Based on the questions and suppositions of strangers who are hoping we “get one of each”, perhaps it WILL be the best of both worlds.

Both of these realities are possible. And so, for the next 18 days, until we open that box… I have both. I have a little girl and a little boy.

I would love to hear what you thought!

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