Cabbage Bras and Peppermint Tea

Because, just when you think being a mom couldn’t get any weirder…

From conception, to pregnancy, to birth, and a “happily ever after”…. there are tips, tricks, lists, do’s and don’ts, wives tales, myths, etc… etc…

For someone who likes: black and white, right and wrong, and a+b=c “formulas” for life, I’ve had my fair share of frustration. I like to feel in control. I like cause and effect. (I just know God had a little chuckle the day I got pregnant.)

In the realm of babies, the fact that they cannot be ‘solved’ is nothing new. Every baby is different. What works today, may not necessarily work tomorrow. With every new phase there is something new to learn.

I am in the phase of weaning. And never mind the work it took to produce enough food for my baby. Now it’s time to tell my body to STOP. 

Cue: Pain.

So I reached out to a few fellow moms. They recommended cabbage leaves and peppermint tea. Which sounds a bit crazy. (Sounds a  little ‘tin foil hat’ to me, actually.) But what the heck… I decided it couldn’t get any worse.

Never – not once – did I EVER picture myself putting cabbage leaves in my bra and then sipping peppermint tea, when I saw those two pink lines.

But here I am.

So, there you go.

Kids change all kinds of things…even (and especially) your underwear.


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