The Day Before…

I used to leave EVERYTHING that needed to be done until the last day.

Which usually ends up with me staying up till 2 AM, and waking up at 5 AM a VERY sleepy driver in need of multiple Amp energy drinks.

I’m proud to  say, NOT THIS TIME!! Granted, today has not completed it’s craziness… and I DID stay up till 3 AM last night, which resulted in not hearing my church alarm clock this morning. (FAIL)

However, now that I’ve left a reasonable amount of work to do today… I’m not as stressed… which leaves more time for contemplation.

There is something so wonderful about the day before a journey, and it is this:

It hasn’t happened yet.

The anticipation, the expectation, the excitement… nothing has had a chance to go wrong… like a blank page that has all the potential in the world. It could either be a masterpiece, or a frustrating mess, but before that first mark is made, it still could be anything.

And not to sound too depressed, but once that trip starts you start filling in the memories at lightning speed…  day by day… until you are heading home.

And not that home is a horrible place. But let’s be honest, it’s not a cabin in the woods… two minutes away from the ocean. (At least my house isn’t.)

In the spirit of “living in the moment”… here’s to the day BEFORE the journey, and all the wonderful memories this vacation will add to my life story.

I would love to hear what you thought!

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