Mother’s Day

Nevermind that I do not currently share the title “mother” with other women in this country…

I saw an ad in the Walmart flyer for “Mother’s Day Gifts For You at unbeatable prices – Britney Spears Circus Fantasy perfume.”

Walmart, I usually love you, but…


Who is this for?? Is Britney making some sort of comeback where mothers over the age of 30 would LOVE this as a gift??!!

And what’s with the name? Circus? The very word conjures up memories of stale popcorn, animals, hay and poop. (I mean, let’s be honest.) None of which smell… even remotely GOOD.

It’s like naming a perfume “Zoo”, “Hospital”, or “Kennel”.

Thank goodness FTD saved the day, with a beautiful ad full of VERY affordable flowers…

I would love to hear what you thought!

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