It’s about the little things…

I’ve read a couple of blogs lately where the authors mention things they like. Things that bring them joy in an otherwise dark world. There’s a lot of stress right now, at work… and so, it wouldn’t hurt to dwell on the little things that make us happy.

Here are mine:

1. Green lights all the way to work… especially when I’m late.

2. Singing loudly to the radio, with the window down… on a spring day, when the weather has finally turned warm and things are turning green.

3. Finding a friend on facebook that I haven’t talked to in years.

4. All things SUMO. 🙂

5. When my cats come up and cuddle at night… and start purring.

6. Watching the snow fall… specifically, the large puffy flakes (movie snow), while at home in front of a warm fire.

7. Evenings during December when the lights on the tree are the only light in the room, and sitting next to it, sipping tea.

8. Actually waking up and doing an hour on the treadmill… well, I have joy AFTER it’s over. 🙂

9. Snowdays, or any other days where I get to stay home and veg.

10. And evening with good friends playing board games and laughing.

11. Driving anywhere, alone. Specifically long trips.

12. Surprise conversations with people I enjoy! Chatting, email or otherwise.

13. Little animals… especially rodents. They are just SO CUTE!!!

14. Mail. The old fashioned kind! Give me a hand-written letter any day!!!

15. When my husband makes dinner for me… 🙂 He is so great!

16. Clean laundry.

17. A clean house!!!

18. Opening a new planner and all the hope it brings for the new year ahead.

And last but not least… Little moments where I am truly at peace with who I am, what I am doing, and where my life is going.

I would love to hear what you thought!

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