Houston: Day2

So, I finished that last post and read a bunch of posts from when I lived in Japan. I ended up going to bed at 5:00 AM.

Which was fine…

I was startled awake around 9:30 am… thinking it was Rana’s dog (Radar) that had jumped on top of me on the bed. It was actually Rana. 🙂 And actually, kind of a fun way to be woken up, since that is how we used to wake each other up when we were younger.

Rana made a “‘Texan” breakfast of eggs, venison sausage, and optional salsa. ( I opted out, and instead put shredded cheddar cheese… that we found to be slightly past it’s prime…. ) But all still good.

Since we’d left the “universal gym” in the cars overnight, we set out to carry everything up to the new workout room. Around 11:00 Rana and I started to scramble to get ready for a baby shower that we needed to leave for at 1:00 to get a present. As we were ready to walk out the door at 1:07… Rana looked at the invite again and realized it wasn’t until TOMORROW.

So we went shopping!! …after we helped Garrett take down an ancient/absolutely impossible to remove ceiling fan, install two fans, help Rana recover from a slight shock from hot wires… (she is fine) oh, and all this on a second floor with no air conditioning… which, oddly enough, has not started working again.

So, around 4:00 we finally went shopping! ( Considerably less fresh and certainly a lot sweatier than we had been 3 hours prior)

We hit up Ross, Walmart and the Dollar Tree. It was a GREAT shopping experience!! We got some really cool stuff, like scrapbook stuff, dinner stuff for me to cook next Tuesday. And we (read : Rana) got gifts for the baby shower that we will go to tomorrow after church. 🙂

Then we came home and Rana made spicy-venison-sausage with cheese running through it. (“Spicy” being an understatement, since I think there were 3 jalepenos per square centimeter.) And we topped the evening off with Season One of “The Office”.

The AC is still not working.

I would love to hear what you thought!

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